Be Stronger in 2019

In 2008 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued the first edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. These guidelines served as a call to action for all Americans. Read More

Smart Holiday Habits

The Eating Season (Halloween through Super Bowl Sunday) is a major contributor to expanding waistlines and poor health in the United States. Embracing these six, research-backed strategies, recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force will put you on the road to better health and weigh management. Read More

The Arthritis Fix

In a country plagued by disease, it’s no surprise 50 million Americans suffer from arthritis. The pain and swollen joints associated with arthritis can make exercise seem impossible. In fact, arthritis prevents more people from living a healthy lifestyle than any other disease. Read More

Build a Better Workout

Americans love a deal! It turns out we approach our strength training the same way, always looking for maximum results. What some fail to recognize is that working out is only half the equation. While working out stimulates improvements in fitness, it’s the recovery phase (what you do between workouts) that allows improvements to occur. Read More

The Slow Revolution

As America struggles with the cost of health care, some are taking their health into their own hands. Health professionals agree, practicing a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way to reduce your reliance on expensive medical care. One of the most promising advances in the field of lifestyle medicine is the development of evidence-based strength training programs. Read More

The Weakening of America

Behind the epidemic of growing waistlines is one that gets little attention. The Weakening of America. Beginning in our late 30's, we lose approximately 1/2 pound of muscle per year and gain at least that much fat. By the time we reach 50, the rate of muscle loss doubles. Read More

Small Changes, Big Results

In a world overwhelmed with confusing fitness advice, it's now wonder more of us don't embrace a healthy lifestyle. Complicated diets and exercise programs can discourage even the most committed individual. Read More

Disease Proof Your Winter

Busy schedules and uncooperative weather can leave you inactive and overfeed during the winter. An occasional missed workout or high calorie day, isn't a big deal. Read More